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What Customers Have to Say:
Glyn Johnson: Been in my industry since 2003. I have never had any real training, just a little orientation to sales and lots of rah rah! Fake motivation and no substance. I find myself fascinated with these simple and effective techniques and tips to prospecting. Brian gives me hope when he says to become effective in sales is all learnable. Awesome video. Thanks!

Ljerka Kovacic Tot:
As many times I watch this video there are always valuable hints of wisdom to get control of life and business. The power of habit is essential as well as constant learning.

Rudy Ramos: I was a supervisor may times, and I agree that working as a team will produce results. I like the approach to break down the problems and address issues like time and preparing to finish the task earlier to be safe.

Renee Booker: Today is my first exposure to the program, and I began my first lesson--wow! I am so impressed with the depth and breadth of information--but then again, that is Brian's style--exceptional material and always over deliver! Thank you Brian!

Jose Palazuelos: This one is interesting. I am an Engineer and when trying to explain and issue or a problem, the customer most of the time want to give their understanding even though it is not completely right. You try to explain the fundamentals and they interrupt you every time. I agree with the Straw Man Technique is fantastic! Thanks for the actionable tips Brian!

Michael Awesome advice. Starting today, I'll associate myself with positive successful people. I will "DO IT NOW." What an INCREDIBLE video. Thank you Brian!
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  •  +350 Individual Lessons broken up over 8 comprehensive courses that will teach you how to take control of, and grow your personal and business life.
  •   Personal Growth Strategies 
  •   Time management for Results
  •   Sales Growth Strategies
  •   Management Growth Strategies
  •   Sales Manager Growth Strategies
  •   Profit Growth Strategies
  •   Marketing Magic
  •   Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies
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  • Everything in the Basic Membership
  • Inner Circle Legacy Mastermind Recordings: Brian Tracy and his team host 6 live calls a month where members get immediate help to skyrocket their businesses.
  • Free Products From The Vault: Monthly you'll get a new product from Brian's vault of life-changing material.
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