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Brian Tracy's Goals Quickstart Masterclass will show you how to:
  • Craft and Conquer Your Initial Life-Altering Goals: Transform your aspirations into action and experience the thrill of achievement like never before!
  • Elevate Your Confidence, Ignite Your Energy, and Become Unstoppable: Unleash the power within you, fuel your journey with unrelenting energy, and break through every barrier!
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Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself…
“Wow, I thought I’d be further along by now.”

The truth is, if you haven’t been using a proven system for setting and achieving your goals, then it’s not your fault!

Millions of people around the world are feeling lost, stuck, afraid of failure and not sure where to look...

And even more are stuck in a dead-end job, or seriously worried about their financial future.

That’s why I created my Goals Quickstart Masterclass. It’s a quick, easy to follow course to help you set, and achieve ANY goal...

Even if you don’t know where to start, or are struggling to find your life’s purpose.

Here’s how it works.
Everything You Need to Become a Goals Machine!
From the best-selling author of more than 80 books in 42 languages
Get FAST results with Brian’s proven system:
  • Action-based and fluff-free.
  • Set your life-changing goal in less than an hour.
  • Clear, straightforward action plan and workbook.
  • ​Develop the energy and drive to achieve any goal.
  • ​Build your plan to stay accountable and on track.
  • ​See how goal-setters earn 10X more $$$.
  • ​Find your path to a truly spectacular life.

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Brian Tracy’s "Goals!" Audiobook and E-book
The ultimate companion to the Goals Quickstart Masterclass. Brian’s “Goals!” book has helped launch the goal-setting revolution for tens of thousands around the globe.
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Morning Routines of Successful People
Sometimes, the quickest way to reach the top is to imitate the people who have gotten there before you. Use these morning routines of highly successful people to help give you the boost you need!
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The Ultimate Guide to Staying Motivated
Get Brian’s easy-to-use manual for improving your willpower so you can achieve your goals and live your best life. PLUS, get custom motivation emails to help you get the most of the Goals program.
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Brian Tracy’s Goal Conquering Action Plan
Unlock your fullest potential with Brian Tracy’s Goal Conquering Action Plan, a transformative guide designed to turn your aspirations into achievements! Dive into a world of strategic insights and actionable steps, ensuring every goal is not just a dream, but a milestone waiting to be conquered.
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Backed by Our Iron-Clad 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t Struggle Another Day!

Success is yours for the taking.

Now, I can’t promise you that you’ll be a millionaire overnight...Unfortunately, it just doesn't happen that way.

But, with my Goals Quickstart Masterterclass, it doesn’t have to be a struggle!

When you set a goal through my new program, you’ll be able to confidently move forward knowing you have a plan in place that will quickly drive you towards success.

And once you achieve your first goal, you’ll achieve another, and another, and another.

This is the beginning of something special, and I can’t wait for you to experience the joy of being a goal-achieving machine!

When You Set Goals Everything Starts To Change

This is powerful, life-transforming stuff. I cannot thank Brian and his team enough for this incredible opportunity.
— Kathryn (France)
Immediate results! I can't stop listening to this program! Each time I listen, I pick up something practical that I can implement immediately.
— Michael (New Jersey)
I want to thank you for the hard work you've done spreading this miracle. I'll continue to listen to your product throughout my lifetime.
— SGT Carter (Europe)
100% Risk-free Money Back Guarantee
I want you to feel great about your decision. Take your time to enjoy your course and put the proven strategies to work for you in your life. If for any you are not completely satisfied with your product, just let us know within 30 days of purchasing the course, and we will issue you a full 100% product refund.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the overall format of the course?
The course consists of three video lessons, and one general introduction video, all led by Brian Tracy. Each lesson starts with an easy-to-understand description of the goals and outcomes of the lesson. You’ll then learn a core concept, and receive action items to complete in your course workbook.
How much time will it take to complete the course?
The entire course can be completed in less than an hour, although you can certainly dive deeper into the workbook and bonus materials for dozens of hours of goals study!
What happens if I’m stuck, or don’t know where to turn next?
The course has been designed to be easy to follow and implement. However, if you’re ever stuck for any reason, our support team are all proud graduates of the program, and are happy to help with any aspect of the course!
Does this “goal-setting” stuff really work?
Brian has based his remarkable 40-year career on the foundations of goal setting. There’s a reason those who set and follow goals make 10x more than those without goals - and don’t just take our word for it. These figures are backed up by numerous studies conducted by Harvard and Yale.
Why should I trust Brian as my goals teacher?
By studying and mastering goal-setting, Brian Tracy has “walked the walk” going from a young man living in his car and working odd-jobs to being a self-made millionaire. This course is a distillation of a lifetime of Brian’s work in the goal-setting field and will provide a quick, big win for anyone willing to put in just an hour or so of work.
Backed by Our Iron-Clad 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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